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With decades of experience in cultural exchange, passionate employees and a host of professional affiliations and partnerships, Intrax is a leader in global education and citizen diplomacy.

Intrax Experiences

To be an exchange student is to jump in the totally new environment where you don’t know anybody, and to build relationships with others. This experience as an exchange student is one of the hardest and greatest I’ve ever had.

Japan: Ayusa
Exchange Student

Intrax Experiences

Lagoon has found that Intrax participants bring an added culture that our local employees and park guests have come to love. We could not imagine our Lagoon team without these great students

United States: Work Travel
Host Company

Intrax Experiences

Everything is going great, and I'm really feeling settled into my job and the city of Berlin. Working in Business Development, I have weekly checkups with my boss, and he gives me great guidance.  Also, the coworkers are so welcoming and friendly, involving me in all of their activities in and out of the office.

United States: Global Internships
Internship participant

Intrax Experiences

Esena has shared so much with us and has been such a wonderful addition to our family…. This experience has blended two families and two cultures. Even after she goes back home, a part of Esena will always be here. Our children have a part of her in them. Also, we believe that a part of our family and our country will go home with Esena. We will always be bound by this shared experience and the love we all have for our kids.

The Brandenburg Family
United States: AuPairCare