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Our international camp counselor program connects participants from around the world with the unique cultural experience of an American summer camp.  Focused on service and support, we offer camps an opportunity to provide an enriching cultural exchange experience for campers through interaction with international staff qualified in a variety of skills from a diverse array of countries. Participants will engage in a unique American pastime and learn about American culture while sharing their own customs and traditions.

How can I join the Camp Counselor Program?


Check if you meet the CampCareUSA program requirements to become a host camp or a counselor participant. If you do, contact our team through the CampCareUSA website. 



After completing your online application and participating in an in-person interview with a local representative, your application will be submitted to CampCareUSA for review. Once approved, your profile will be available in CampCare’s online matching system. Our online matching system provides camps a variety of search options to find the perfect staff and counselors the chance to follow their application progress, upload additional documents and access important program information.


Camps review counselor candidates and contact those who have the skills and experience they are looking for. Next, an interview will be scheduled via video call to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other. After a conversation or two, both sides are ready to reach a decision. If Camp and Counselor Applicant agree that it is the right fit, we call it a placement.


After placement, camps will indicate the required program dates and specific travel-to-camp instructions. Once all details have been confirmed, all required documents and your visa received, you will be ready to travel!

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Interested in becoming an Camp Counselor in the United States or hosting a CampCare Participant at camp? Visit CampCareUSA to learn more!