Get to Know Intrax

As a premier cultural exchange company that strives to bring people together from around the world, Intrax has offered various international programs to more than 350,000 people worldwide. Our participants include: adventurous young people, families, young professionals, Fortune 500 companies and prestigious universities. They are worldly and passionate about making the world a better place through cultural understanding and increased global awareness.

Intrax Then and Now

Intrax Founders John Wilhelm & Takeshi Yokota

In 1980, founders John Wilhelm and Takeshi Yokota began organizing small groups of Japanese students to come to the U.S. and stay with American host families for two- to four-week homestays. Their mission was to provide both the students and the families with unique and personal connections that would increase cultural understanding and inspire mutual respect and personal growth.

As time went on, the program grew to include other countries and additional cross-cultural experiences. What began as a single program has grown into an ever-expanding family of programs designed to connect people from all over the world.

Today Intrax has a presence in more than 100 countries around the world and welcomes more than 21,000 participants into its programs each year. We work to inspire a lifetime of cultural understanding, global awareness and citizen diplomacy. Every year, we are energized by the people whose personal and professional journeys intersect with ours.

History of Intrax

Since 1980, Intrax has given over 350,000 people the opportunity of a lifetime.


Camp Care USA

In 2020 Intrax launches CampCareUSA, a unique and culturally immersive program bringing people from around the world to work as summer camp counselors in camps across the United States.

Chicago English Center Moves

The Intrax Chicago Center moves to a gorgeous new facility that is 30% larger with 20 modern classrooms and a lot of natural light. The new location at 332 S. Michigan Avenue is across the street from world-renowned Art Institute of Chicago, and at the edge of Chicago's famed business district "the Loop."

TOMODACHI SOFTBANK Leadership Program Launched

Ayusa administers the TOMODACHI SOFTBANK Leadership Program. This program gives Japanese high school students from the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami the chance to live and study at the University of California, Berkeley.

Intrax Expands Global Offerings

Intrax opens offices in France (all programs), Korea (au pair, high school exchange, internships, and English language learning), and Chile (high school exchange, work travel, au pair, English language learning). Global Internships expands offerings to Germany and China.

Emerging Youth Leaders Grant

Ayusa receives Emerging Youth Leaders Grant from the U.S. Department of State. This grant seeks to strengthen the ties between the U.S. and Senegal. Intrax Peru office opens, offering au pair, internships, English language learning, and work travel programs.

New Global Internships Locations

Global Internships expands internships offerings to London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Tokyo. Now American students have the opportunity to live and work in some of the most exciting cities in the world.

Launch of Intrax Global Internships

Global Internships launches, bringing young professionals from around the world to the U.S. for practical experience. Ayusa is awarded a grant to administer the YES (Youth Exchange & Study) Program, designed to foster understanding between the U.S. and predominantly Islamic countries.

Chicago English Center Opens

Intrax opens English language center in Chicago, offering business English classes for young professionals. To date, more than 120,000 individuals have participated in Intrax programs.

Intrax Work Travel Launches

Intrax Work Travel program launches to provide work opportunities to international university students on their summer breaks. Companies such as Mount Olympus and the Hard Rock Café give young people from around the world the chance to expand their horizons and improve their résumé in America each summer.

Intrax English Center San Diego Opens

Intrax opens English language center in San Diego, offering business English classes for young professionals. San Diego’s beautiful and diverse location offers non-native English speakers a unique place to improve their English skills.

Intrax English Center San Francisco Opens

Intrax opens the English language center in San Francisco, offering business English classes for young professionals. Classes are taught by native English speakers and include field trips across San Francisco.

Intrax Germany Opens

Intrax opens our office in Germany. Today, the German office is the second biggest Intrax office, offering au pair, high school exchange, internships, work travel and English language learning. Opening the German office gives Intrax a home base in Europe.

AuPairCare Launches

AuPairCare au pair program is launched, offering live-in childcare and an amazing cultural experience to American families and au pairs from around the world.

Intrax Japan Opens

Intrax opens an office in Japan, offering ten programs to students and young adults. The programs include: au pair, leadership, summer, work travel, internships and English language learning. The opening of this office is near and dear to co-founder Takeshi Yokota, a Japanese native.

Ayusa Co-Founds CSIET

Ayusa becomes a founding member of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET). The CSIET supports and monitors organizations that provide exchange opportunities, working to ensure that all participants have a safe and successful program.

Department of State Designation

Ayusa (Academic Year in the USA) begins offering J-1 visa programs as a U.S.-designated Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor. This designation allows the high school exchange program as we know it to grow.

Intrax Founded

International Training and Exchange (Intrax) is founded in San Francisco, California by Takeshi Yokota and John Wilhelm. The mission of Intrax is to provide home-stay programs for young people to connect with other people and cultures as well as to create a global community.